The components of Boxary can be expressed through a tetractys. This symbol comes from the antique, expressing how the perceived world is aggregated. It is also a base for the decimal number system.

Numbering the rows (from 1 to 4) indicates the hierarchical level, that is expressed in the script names.

The representation is not intended to be 100% correct, nor compatible with graph theory in general. The purpose is to supply a visual overview of the concepts that constitute Boxary. F.i. you can't find a box here, and there is neither a 100% transformation of graph theory terminology, neither a reminder to relational databases.

cluster represents a collection independant vertices, wherein edges do not play a meaningful role.
arc represents a single digon arrow, that shifts undirected edges into directed ones.
clew represents a collection of coherent edges, wherein vertices are present but may be ignored; usage is when walking the graph.
crude stands for Create, Read, Update, Delete and Execute; a familiar ERD terminlogy.
graph should be self explanatory.
groves are multiple trees without forming a socalled forest.
patterns are discovered when walking the graph and connect to the concept of analytics.

Though it is suggested in the above, that apps will walk the graph, the actual walking is contained in the SQL. Apps will process the result of the walking which is in fact iterating the associative tree resulting from the walk. Where iterating must be understood as walking the graph in a visual way.